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Integrated Pond Management Plan for South Carolina

This pond is a 27+ acre impoundment whose four acre headwaters are a diverse wetland community fed by a series of spring fed tributaries that flow into the pond.  In the last two to three years the property owner noticed increased turbidity in the water after larger rainfall events.  As a result, the property owner noted that fish populations began to diminish while the submerged and floating aquatic plant populations began to thrive and take over the pond.


The property owner reached out to Aqueous Environmental for answers.  As suspected by the property owner and verified by Aqueous Environmental, increased erosion and sediment loading into the pond’s main tributary farther upstream was providing the turbidity and the additional nutrients to muddy the waters and accelerate aquatic plant growth. 


Aqueous Environmental is currently working with the property owner and developing an integrated pond management plan to improve the pond’s water chemistry/quality, identify biological and chemical aquatic plant management strategies and restore the pond’s once vibrant fish population. 

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