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Property Screening Reports
in South Carolina

Banks and lending institutions require many inspections and letters (home inspection, termite letter, HVAC letter, etc.) before approving a home loan.  However, nothing is ever said about the condition of the property on which the home is sitting and is surrounded by.  Lenders require phase I environmental site assessments for commercial property loans, however, these assessments only address potential hazardous material and contamination/liability concerns.  They are also costly ($5,000 - $15,000) and takes weeks to complete.  They do not identify or address the presence of key environmental resources or notable features on or adjacent to the property.


Aqueous Environmental has partnered with realtor groups like Carolina Real Estate & Investment Group in order to provide Property Screening Reports to identify a variety of environmental resources, features and potential concerns on or adjacent to a property.  For about the cost of a home inspection, Aqueous Environmental can provide home buyers with detailed information to assist them in making a sound and well information decision about the property that they are purchasing. 


We can customize our Property Screening Reports to address your specific concerns or informational needs.  Our goal is to help you make an informed decision.  Below is a typical list of environmental resources and property features that we identify and provide to you as part of the Property Screening Report: 

  • Wetlands and streams (Waters of the United States)

  • Floodplains (location in or adjacent to)

  • Dominate plant and tree communities (identify large dead/dying trees)

  • Invasive plant species

  • Topography (valley, hill, ridge, etc.)

  • Soils (clay, sand, silt complexes, drainage classifications)

  • On-site erosion potential and patterns

  • Utility location and potential conflicts

  • Known hazardous materials (underground storage tanks - SCDHEC)

  • Adjacent land uses and proposed development (road widenings, etc)

  • Key structures and features on the property


For real estate agents and investors under tight timeframes we offer two products.  The Property Look-up and Property Look-up Plus provide focused information with same day responsiveness and at a lower price point than the screening.  Please contact us for more information.

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