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Wetland Delineation Services
for South Carolina

The owner of Immanuel Farms reached out to Aqueous Environmental and requested a wetland delineation be completed on their 50+ acre tract.  To better understand the owner’s goals and intent for the property we asked numerous questions.  Based on their answers and to best meet their needs we recommended forgoing an expensive wetland delineation for a less expensive wetland assessment and consultation. 


The owner wanted to build a home and an organic produce and livestock farm on the property in harmony with the environment, especially the wetlands and stream that ran along the back of the property.  An on-site survey and meeting was conducted to provide vital and helpful information to the owner regarding where these resources were and how their plans could be realized in harmony with the environment and without significantly impacting these resources. 


At Aqueous Environmental it is important to us to understand you and your project so that we can utilize our experience to recommend a range of options to meet your needs.  Our goal is to find the best and most economical solution for you.

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