a*que*ous /ˈākwēəs/ adj.   of, like or formed by water

strategies, services and solutions for environmental challenges in today's world



We develop integrated pond management plans, including pond detention inspections and provide pond management services for ponds ranging in size from 200 square feet to 20+acres.  We can assist with water quality and clarity issues, aquatic weeds/overgrown ponds and ponds with algae problems.  We can assist you in making your pond a beautiful feature on your property and your own secret fishing spot for bream and bass.

Storm Water Management

We inspect and maintain storm water ponds and best management practices (BMPs) such as rain gardens, bio-retention areas and storm water wetlands.  We recommend periodic inspections of these BMPs within commercial and residential developments to ensure they are functioning as originally designed and protecting downstream water quality.


With over 18 years of environmental experience we can assist you with a variety of services including real estate screenings and due diligence, wetland delineation and 401/404 permitting, mitigation and restoration plans, T&E species surveys, water quality sampling and others to ensure that your project remains on schedule and budget.



I’m Brian Taylor, the owner of Aqueous Environmental, LLC.  I was raised with a love and respect for the outdoors.  Water plays such an important role in our lives, surrounds us and is critical for our survival, thus the name Aqueous. 

For nearly two decades I have worked to identify, analyze and reduce impacts to our natural environment and on water resources.  I have worked both in the public and private sectors and seen first-hand how transportation, industrial/commercial, and residential development can impact and transform the landscape.  My goals are to help people maximize the enjoyment of the water resources on their property; ensure stormwater ponds and practices are functioning as designed to protect downstream water quality; and assist developers in identifying, enhancing and protecting the waters and key natural resources within their developments and on adjacent lands.



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